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LiveSupportAP Registration

You can use LiveSupportAP free (without registration) since it shows small banner on web page (non-adult, non-illegal content).
What do you get after registration?

  1. No banner on your web page.
  2. You will receive permanent ID so you don't have to modify code on your web page when you install LiveSupportAP on another computer.
    Also you may install LiveSupportAP on more than one computer with same ID so you will be accessible at work and at home.
    When you install registered LiveSupportAP on 2 or more computer only one will be active (that was connected to the Internet last). E.g. if you use same ID at home and at work, and it is active at work computer - than when you get home reload LiveSupportAP at home computer and it becomes active (LiveSupportAP at work computer becomes inactive).

After registration we will send you an invoice.

For 1 registered ID60 USD per yearN/A
For 2 to 9 registered ID50 USD per yearN/A
For 10 to 99 registered ID45 USD per yearN/A
For more than 99 registered ID40 USD per yearN/A
There is a discount if you are making payment for more than 1 year of service:
- for second year 20%;
- for third year 36% ,etc. (check your final price in table below)

To register online using your credit card fill in form below and click on "Continue registration at NorthStar Solutions secure web server".

Choose product
Enter quantity
Do you require diskette(3.5") with the program
(Add shipping and handling fee USD 4)
Enter number years of service you are paying for

Your cost TOTAL: USD

Other options to make a payment:

Payment by check or money order Pay registration fee by check or money order and receive 4 USD discount.
Download purchase order for single copy LiveSupportAP Standard

Payment by check or money order Get discount by registering more than 1 copy.
Download purchase order for multiple copies LiveSupportAP Standard

Payment by credit card To register with credit card :
1) Call toll free 1-800-699-6395 (From the U.S. only)
or 1-785-539-3743
Phone orders are taken Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm, CST
Please be prepared to provide product number
- #5705 for LiveSupportAP Standard

2) Fax purchase order to 1-785-539-3743 (available 24 hours)
3) Email purchase order to
CompuServe: starmail
America Online: starmail

Status: LiveSupportAP 5.01

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