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HOW TO FIND COMPUTERS (information for security company)

The best solution is to fill in Lost computer report form and let Absolute Protect monitor computer and contact police when its location is detected.

To locate computers, follow this simple procedure:

Online report contains the following information:
- IP address of the computer;
- connection time;

1- go to WHO.CGI
2- enter this IP address to get contact information for server or router which was used to connect to the Internet;
3- contact management of this server and provide them with connection time and IP address.
The management can check records in server's log and determine the name and street address of the person who is using the computer.
In most cases the management don't reveal such kind of information to a private party so police assistance is required.

When lost computer is calling back you can hear clicking sound. This sound is generated by using "pulse" mode (opposite of "tone" mode) and continuously dialing number 8. If phone number is unlisted or can not be detected - contact police and they will detect this number. You should contact police immediately since in many phone systems this number is stored until you receive next call. After computer is lost or stolen you may contact police and ask to monitor your calling activity(not your conversations) and you will have much better chances to detect call made from unlisted number.
You should consider entering several phone numbers during setup since you don't know from which location the computer will call back. So if your phone number is 212-555-5555 you should enter following string:
The software will try to call all these phone numbers and only one call will be successfully completed.

Even if thief removes the hard disk or disassembles computer the HD may be sold and installed on another computer so it will be possible to locate it and find out how hard disk was acquired. If you have any problem to locate computers, please email us and we will assist you.

Virus free shareware
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