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Download instructions

Print this out (Print this out for easy reference)

To download and install Advatrack:

  1. Click on DOWNLOAD "AdvatrackPro.exe". You may need to select 'Save File'.
  2. A window will pop up asking you for the directory to save the file in. Save it to any directory of your choice.
  3. Then wait while file will be downloaded from the Internet to your computer. Downloading may take 2-5 minutes based on the speed of your connection. Be careful NOT to hit cancel.
  4. Once downloading completes, Go to Windows Start menu and select Find.
  5. Select Files or folders.
  6. Enter AdvatrackPro.exe in the "Named" slot.
  7. Click the "Find Now" button.
  8. When AdvatrackPro.exe is found in the lower window, double click it. If it's not found, you'll need to re-download the product.
  9. If you get the message "Installation Corrupt" or similar when running the AdvatrackPro.exe , then your download did not complete or got aborted prematurely. Go back to the download page and download the file again.
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions for installing Advatrack. To just accept the defaults is fine.

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