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How to use LiveSupportAP.

LiveSupportAP is a simple application, that you can download and setup here and use for free. It allows you to exchange messages with recipients of your e-mail as well as with visitors to your web page.
The main difference is that your friends or visitors can chat with you without having to download or install this LiveSupportAP or any other program.

When someone click on the link or button to contact you the ring will sound, LiveSupportAP will popup and name of visitor will be shown. Also you can see text sent by visitor in status area. If you decide to answer - click button "Accept new visitor".
Then you can send a text, an image, play a sound on visitor's computer, or open a web page in new window on visitor's computer. These image file, sound file or html file may be sent from your computer or from the Internet.

When you send file from the Internet you have to type in path to the file on the Internet beginning with http:// (E.g. This path is saved in the list and when you want send it again you don't have to retype the path.

If there is no connected visitor this program maintain minimum Internet activity (ping every 1 min) so your computer will not go to standby mode and will not be disconnected from the internet due to inactivity.
If you click on "Do not disturb" checkbox and visitor will try to initiate contact - they will see text
"Operator is currently offline. Please try to contact later or e-mail us at ..."
(to modify this text go to "How to use|Add to your web page")

Site monitoring and reporting

To enable "Site monitoring" go to "Services|Site monitoring" and click on "Enable web site monitoring". Enter path to web page(s) you want to monitor.
LiveSupportAP will monitor that web page(s), collect information how fast server is replying and report you when web site is offline so you can compare your web site to similar web sites.

Multiple visitors

It is possible that second visitor requests connection while you are chatting with 1st visitor. In this case you will see visual alert, hear ring and see text, sent by 2nd visitor. You can continue talking to 1st visitor or you can choose "Accept second visitor" and 2nd window will be opened so you can talk to 2 visitors simultaneously. Same way you can talk to 3 or more visitors simultaneously.
Optionally you can click on "Redirect 2nd visitor" and that visitor will be redirected to another department with different LiveSupportAP ID, you specify.

How to fit LiveSupportAP into a 150 pixel column

You may modify the code to make it fit into a different area. Just make sure our banner is displayed on the page.

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