LiveSupportAP LiveSupportAP Troubleshooting.
Free communication tool for webmasters If a visitor can't initiate chat by clicking on "Chat access button" on your web page make sure LiveSupportAP is running on your computer, your computer is connected to the Internet and status of LiveSupportAP is "Ready".
Also if you are using a firewall or proxy, make sure it let LiveSupportAP access the Internet and doesn't prevent incoming TCP connection to port (1050) which is used by LiveSupportAP. On the contrary, a visitor behind any firewall or proxy will not have any problem to access this Chat Service if LiveSupportAP is properly installed on your computer.


  1. change settings of a firewall or proxy to let LiveSupportAP access the Internet and allow incoming TCP connection.
  2. change Internet Provider which is using a firewall or proxy (not so many Internet providers use them).
  3. if you've reinstalled LiveSupportAP and got new user ID, make sure you've changed user ID in the code on web page.
  4. make sure that you are using HTML editor that doesn't modify the code you insert into your web page.
  5. check the state of your installation below (to get your user ID run LiveSupportAP and go to Menu | Settings)

Enter user ID:

Please email us if you still have trouble.

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