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Ordering Multiple Copies

When you order more than 100 copies of Advatrack we will accept PO (Purchase Order) that can be emailed or sent by mail to:
2938 Dundas W, #694
Toronto, Ontario, M6P 4E7 Canada

We do have discounts for ordering multiple copies - please check it here.

In addition you may consider to order following services:

  1. Custom copy of Advatrack.
    Custom copy of Advatrack has your company name inserted in program's code. It allows you to monitor location of all computers with this custom copy installed from one web page.
    This web page also contains uninstall codes for each computer so you don't have to write it down during setup.
    In addition it has autoinstallation feature that allows you to install the program on many computers automatically (you just insert diskette, click on SETUP and program is installed with predefined parameters.
    (US$200 per Custom Copy that can be installed on many computers)

  2. Your own Monitoring Center with customer's database on your web server.
    This Monitoring Server requires Perl5 installed on your web server so monitoring of computers and database management will be independent from Advatrack.
    In this case Monitoring Reports are being stored on your web server and will not be sent by email.

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