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Computer theft statistics
   In 1995 the theft of computers accounted for $640 million 
   dollars in losses, a 50% increase over 1994! 
   In 1996 $1.4 billion worth of computers were stolen, up 20% from 1995. 
   The FBI reports that 97% of stolen computer equipment is never recovered!
   In 1997 three of every four U.S. companies were victims of 
   computer crime. This includes over 265,000 laptop thefts 
   resulting in over $800 million in losses! 
   Safeware, the Insurance Agency Inc., reported more than 300 000 computers
   stolen in 1998 with loss of over $900 million.
   More than 319,000 laptops were stolen in 1999
   Computer theft is now second only to automobile theft according to 
   "Security Sales Magazine."  
   In statistics for 1999 as reported by the FBI and the Computer Security Institute, 
   theft of proprietary information topped 66 million dollars, laptop theft was over 
   10 million dollars, financial fraud reached 56 million dollars, and losses exceeded 
   22 million dollars due to unauthorized access by insiders.

   In year 2000 there were 418,000 laptops and PCs lost or stolen in the USA. 
   Insurance statistics shows that if you own a laptop you have a 1 in 14 chance it will 
   be stolen. 

   According to a joint report issued by the Computer Security Institute and the FBI, 
   there were 591,000 laptops stolen in the USA in the year 2001. That is a 53% increase 
   over the 387,000 stolen in the year 2000. Physical theft of laptops totals 11.8 billion 
   dollars in the U.S. 

   According to the 2002 Computer Security Institute / FBI Computer Crime & Security Survey, 
   the average cost of laptop theft to a company is $89,000

   According to Safeware more than 600,000 PCs were stolen in 2003. 

   FBI: Total laptop theft losses for 2004 increased to more than $6.7 million.

   Don't be the next victim.